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Moon Camp Discovery 2020-2021 Project Gallery

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Team: Irene Vaca, Cristina Ferrer y Lucía García

El Puerto de Santa María    Spain Category: Lunar lander External link for Tinkercad 3D design
Project description

The shelter is located in the brightest part of the moon. it’s already on top.It’s full of solar panels to get energy.
Half of the shelter is underground, from the top of the circumference upwards and the rest underground.
As we have already named the top cone are solar plates, half the circumference is a reservoir of the energy obtained by the plates and the other half as a water reservoir.
The upper cones of the hexagons are used as a food store.
Hexagons are used as rooms, two of them as research rooms, a kitchen and a warehouse.
The large hexagon is used only as a point of passage.

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