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Moon Camp Discovery 2020-2021 Project Gallery

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Team: MCHL

Suzhou    China Category: Moon base External link for Tinkercad 3D design
Project description

Our Moon Camp has the all of the basic parts to support the daily lives of the astronauts. The water purification and circulation station,Small nuclear power plant, storage warehouse, two planting areas and a central part. The central part connects the offices and bedrooms located below. At the same time, through the connection of pipes, we can go from the central part to other camp areas. Not only that, the pipe that carries the water and the pipe that carries the electricity are connected to the other parts together; A tube connected to the solar panel is also connected to a transmission line, which protects the tiny pipes. In addition to the solar panels, we have seven solar-powered cars designed to dig and mine the rare resources stored on the moon. This is our Moon camp.The moon camp made of 3D-printed materials could effectively deal with various adverse factors on the moon.

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