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Team: Space station on moon

Athens    Greece Category: Moon base External link for Tinkercad 3D design
Project description

My project consists mainly of a glass transparent dome. The dome covers a small city, where apart of astronauts, several engineers, technicians, and other required specialists, shall live and work for the base’s development.

At the 1st phase people, shall live within their spacecraft. Firstly, they will build the dome and shortly after, the water and oxygen tanks.

Having the dome constructed, they could live and work without having to wear spacesuits.

For the 2nd phase, streets and plots will be developed. Then, the first buildings could be constructed.

The fully developed city shall be alike a normal earth city for about 1000 residents.

The city shall have all the usual amenities such as playgrounds, schools, super-market, even a church and grocery, bakery, just like what we know them in earth; moreover with magnificent view of the blue ball, the magnificent earth.


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