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Burgos    Spain Category: Rocket External link for Tinkercad 3D design
Project description


Preschool Education, 4 years old.


Athena, goddess of wisdom and Science, gives our rocket its name. We have chosen this name because it is necessary to use all Science and the human wisdom known over centuries to build a rocket that can travel to our satellite: THE MOON

We had several assemblies all together to decide the shape and size of our rocket. As you can see it is quite long, like a rectangle standing up. It has a rocket tip at the end to travel very fast to the far away moon.

We had to include many things inside the rocket: beds, toilet, wardrobes, etc. We thought about a cylindrical round and empty rocket with enough space for the astronauts, because they need to move inside. Our rocket also needed a special deposit for fuel and another one to control everything and let the astronauts to pilot it. Finally, it was necessary to look for a base to hold the rocket before taking off.

We had the rocket design! Our teacher did it taking into account the students opinions and she was drawing every little part of the rocket on the interactive whiteboard.

Then, we were ready for the next step. Now, we had to talk about the materials to build the rocket. We thought about light materials to spend less fuel and let it to fly faster. We thought about resistant materials in hot or cold places (the heat of the blast from takeoff, lower temperatures into the space, etc)

It was a great project to build a space rocket. We have learnt many scientific concepts and we have enjoyed a lot!

Our final task was to decide the correct name for the rocket: ATHENA








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