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Team: Krishna vikram isro rover

SITAPUR    India Category: Lunar lander External link for Tinkercad 3D design
Project description

our Krishna vr isro rover which is capable to make nuclear energy and solar energy which is byproduct very less weight but 5 to 6 year nonstop energy or can be more than that . it has a machines which can make O2 by energy and distribute the O2 and H gas from solid water present on moon . is has dimension of 2m* 1m * 0.5m in dimension . with wide variety of feature such as :-

  • large amount power supply with mini nuclear power and solar panel with A1 quality with silicon tight layer on solar panel for great protection .and due to enormous power supply we can use our 02 and h gas element supply by which we don’t want fuel of 700 to 900 kg fuel so our rover and orbiter is extremely light .
  • it base made up of carbon then a layer of silicon and graphene (lead) for very high rigidity and strength and capable to cope with the vacuum and extreme condition .
  • it has a wide variety of sensor such as  Temperature Sensor. , Proximity Sensor., Accelerometer ,IR Sensor (Infrared Sensor) ,Pressure Sensor. ,Light Sensor., Ultrasonic , Sensor ,Smoke, Gas and Alcohol Sensor. Fuel pressure sensor ,Knock sensor ,Light sensor ,MAP sensor ,Mass airflow sensor ,Oil level sensor  ,Torque sensor ,Transmission fluid temperature sensor ,Turbine speed sensor ,Variable reluctance sensor ,Vehicle speed  ANDMANY MORE LIKE THIS !!
  • it has a 6 motar with gear mattress which can climb any slope.
  • have 2 camera and 1 microphone to capture the surrounding.
  • with two hands it for it use with many antenna for better communication.


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