Making a Home on the Moon

A future home on the Moon has to have a lot more than a place to eat and sleep. It will be the only structure on the Moon, it will have to provide shelter, power, and a place to work and live. But where should it be located and how will it be built? Find out more in this set of 6 animations from Airbus Foundation Discovery Space.

What is the best place to live on the Moon?

An entirely new landscape awaits when you land on the Moon. Will you choose one of the poles or dig underground – where will your Moon village be?

Building your own Moon home

The first Moon structure has a lot of roles to fill: a home base not only for sleeping and eating but for research and experiments, too.

What materials to build your home on the Moon?

When you think of building, you probably think of bricks – but Moon rock is an entirely different material. So what’s the best way to build on the Moon?

Powering the Moon

A lunar day lasts for 14 Earth days, but night can be just as long. Is solar energy our best bet for powering the Moon base? And how do we make it last?

Meteors on the Moon. Sunny with a chance of meteor shower

About 180 craters appear on the Moon every year, not to mention being hit by golf ball-sized meteors all year long. How do we stay protected?

Radiation on the Moon. How much sunscreen do you need on the Moon?

Just one year on the Moon maxes out the amount of solar radiation we can handle over a lifetime. What’s the best sunscreen for Moon life?