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Moon Camp Explorers 2019-2020 – Moon Camp Challenge
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Moon Camp Explorers 2019-2020


Følg denne lenken for å delta i den aktuelle utgaven av Moon Camp Explorers.

In Moon Camp Explorers each team’s mission was to 3D design the complete Moon Camp using Tinkercad and explain their project in a written report to the expert jury. The Moon Camp should be able to sustain at least 2 astronauts and keep them safe from hazards and the vacuum of space. The project should include:

– Use of local resources (e.g. lunar soil, water ice)

– Technological solutions (e.g. power source, recycling system, food growth chamber)

– Protection (from meteorites and radiation)

– Living and working facilities for the astronauts.

Moon Camp Explorers has an intermediate level of complexity. Participating teams competed for the Moon Camp Explorers Prize for best project.

For more information consult the guidelines of Moon Camp Explorers 2019-2020 her.

Best Projects Moon Camp Explorers 2019-2020

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