Using Fusion 360 in your Browser



Unable to download Fusion 360? Try running the software in your browser instead! Simply visit and sign in to your Educational account to access Fusion 360 in your browser


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Getting started with Fusion 360 in your browser

    1. Head to in your browser. Select ‘Launch Fusion 360’ (1) and enter the email and password for your Fusion 360 Educational account.


    1. You should now see a waiting screen similar to the below. Once the software has reached 100% loading, you may need to re-enter your email and password for your Fusion 360 Educational account.


  1. You should now see the fully loaded Fusion 360 software in your browser, as below.



Am I eligible to use Fusion 360 in my browser?

Any student, educator, school IT administrator, or design competition mentor who has created an Autodesk account and obtained a Fusion 360 educational subscription can use Fusion 360 online in the browser. Learn how to get an educational licence here.


Can I use on any computer?

Yes, all laptops and computers with a modern browser* should be able to access this online version of Fusion 360. You may also be able to access the browser version on some tablets and smart phones, but we recommend designing using a larger screen and mouse. You will need an internet connection to access the software online.

*Should work with up to date versions of HTML-5 compatible browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer and Apple Safari.


How do I work collaboratively using Fusion 360 in my browser?

Once the software has loaded, you can launch Fusion Team in a web browser. Click your initials on the upper right-hand side of Fusion 360 and select ‘My Profile’. You will arrive at where you can view, share, and review all your project files in Fusion Team. For more information on how to work collaboratively using Fusion 360, click here.

For more information on how to get started with a Fusion Team for Education, see Autodesk’s handy guide here.


How do I upload any files into my Fusion 360 session online?

If you would like to upload files you have worked on previously, or that your team mates have worked on, you can do so using Fusion Team on your computer’s browser and upload any data from there. You can also ask your teacher to copy any files you need into a Fusion Team project that’s shared with the classroom.


How can I export files from the Fusion 360 browser to submit to the Moon Camp Challenge?

Select the project you want to export and then using Fusion Team, you can download the project in the required format (.F3D or .F3Z). If your browser has downloads disabled, you can always make sure that your teacher can see your Fusion 360 project through Fusion Team so that they can do the download for you. Once you have your project, simply submit it to us using the “Submit a Project” button on the Moon Camp website homepage.


Access to Fusion 360 is blocked on my device, how do I get access?

If you are using a Chromebook or logging in from school, many IT administrators restrict Chromebook applications and network functionality for security reasons. If Fusion 360 can’t start or you can’t access the page, you might want to contact IT for the school (if you are a teacher) or tell your teacher that there are some domains that need to be allowed (listed below):

  • *
  • 2.2.0/


I get a message that no servers are available. What do I do?

There are a maximum number of users able to use the Fusion 360 online in the world at any point. If the system reaches capacity, you may need to wait for someone else to end a session. Simply retry after a couple of minutes and you should be able to access it.


For more information and answers to some common questions about using Fusion 360 in your browser, see Autodesk’s handy guide, here.