ISS Commander’s Log with Andreas Mogensen

ISS Commander’s Log with Andreas Mogensen The ISS is a laboratory, where we can conduct scientific research and technology development. The scientific research broadens our understanding of our world, providing deeper insights into physics, chemistry, biology and more. It expands our knowledge, which in turns helps us all on Earth. The ISS is also an […]

Spacecraft Materials Kit

Brief description:  Pupils can use the ESA Spacecraft Materials Kit to experimentally investigate a variety of different materials. A set of five activities enables pupils to get acquainted with the properties of different materials, comparing and grouping everyday materials based on: electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, mass, magnetism, and resistance to impact. Pupils will consider which materials are best […]

Up up up! Build and launch your own rocket

Brief description: In this set of four group activities pupils build three different rockets. The first is a simple paper rocket powered by blowing into a straw, the second is a more complex paper rocket powered by squeezing a water bottle, and the third is a chemical rocket. Pupils will launch their rockets to investigate […]