Are you a team from Hungary and want to participate in the Moon Camp challenge?


Challenge Launch
21 September 2023
Registration opens on the 21/09/2023
Learn more about the Moon by completing the Moon Camp challenge activities
Develop your Moon Camp project
Submit your project on the platform

Teacher / educator preparation:
Create a plan of action for your team
Participate in the teacher training modules (dates to be announced)
Deadline for submissions
25 April 2024
Website closes for submissions on the 25/04/2024
Make sure you submit your projects before the deadline!
May 2024
Certificates of participation will be sent to the students and mentors
All valid projects will be uploaded to the Moon Camp gallery
Final online event
May 2024

Virtual event with an ESA astronaut and space experts, open to all the participants that submitted a valid project

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Teams from Hungary

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Cserepka Iskola


3D Design3D Design

[leaflet-map fitbounds !detect-retina show_scale zoomcontrol scrollwheel=1 spiderfyOnMaxZoom=1][leaflet-marker address=”Pécs,Hungary”]Moon rover and rocket
This design was created for the Moon Camp Challenge, featuring a spacecraft, a lunar rover and a suitcase lander. We tried to make the base as close as possible to the surface of the moon. The designs have a logo of our own. . .

[/leaflet-marker][zoomhomemap !fit] [cluster radius=”10″ zoom=”12″ spiderfy=1]

Moon rover and rocket

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