The basics of living

Once on the Moon, astronauts will have to be able to have access to air, food and water. Find out how, in this set of 4 animations by Airbus Foundation Discovery Space.

Air on the Moon

Holding our breath isn’t an option on the Moon, we need sources of oxygen to sustain life. Let’s start by importing some plants to help us breathe easy.

Food on the Moon

There are only so many groceries you can bring to the Moon, so how do you produce food in a place with no air? Here’s now to cultivate lunar food sources.

Water on the Moon

Since the Moon is as dry as Earth’s driest desert, we’ll have to bring water with us. The water recycling system used on the ISS can help our supply last.

Waste management on the Moon

One Earthling’s trash is another astronaut’s treasure. We can turn waste products into valuable sources of heat and fuel, and recycled materials.