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Discovery gallery 2021-2022

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Category: Moon base | MILANO |  Italy |  4 |  10 years old External link for Tinkercad 3D design
Project description

There are several projects aimed at obtaining water and oxygen directly on the moon.
The Polytechnic di Milano is collaborating with the company for a project called ISRU for obtaining oxygen through the lunar sand. The project involves a thermochemical process that captures the oxygen present in the lunar sand and binds it to hydrogen in order to create water. It is important to say that it takes a lot of sand to produce a small amount of water.

NASA recognizes the need to get oxygen directly on the celestial bodies, so it installed on board Perseverance an instrument called Moxie. This instrument is extracting oxygen ndirectly from the carbon dioxide of the atmosphere of the red planet. Moxie extracts 10 grams of oxygen per hour and is able to work at very high temperatures. There are other ways to get water and air to the moon, such as by extracting ice from the lunar subsoil through a drill called Prime-1.
It will be necessary, however, to obtain very detailed topographical maps of the lunar surface. The map takes into account the geological processes and impact of asteroids and how these events likely created ice deposits

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