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Explorers gallery 2022 – Moon Camp Challenge
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Explorers gallery 2022

Moon Camp Explorers Gallery 2021-2022

In Moon Camp Explorers each team’s mission is to 3D design a complete Moon Camp using Tinkercad. They also have to explain how they will use local resources, protect astronauts from the dangerous of space and describe the living and working facilities.

Team: 404_jade_alizé

college jean jaures  colomiers    France 13   2 / 2
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Project description

First of all our lunar base will be built with a 3D printer it will be located at the lunar pole because of the sun for the plants, it will be composed of 3 rooms, one where there will be the sleeping area, another for the bedroom, a dining room and the post to communicate with the earth, and a large room where there will be a gymnasium with space for doing experiments and cultivating plants. Outside there will be a combustion battery to provide electricity. The urine will be filtered to provide enough water. To protect you from danger, a 20 cm layer of polyethylene will be present to protect you from meteorites and the sun.

Where do you want to build your Moon Camp?
Close to the lunar poles
Why did you choose this location?

We want to build the lunar base at the lunar pole, because the sun only shines 8 hours a day, and the plants must have 8 hours of sun a day.

How do you plan to build your Mooncamp? Which materials will you use?

The material we will use is a 3D printer, the robots will build the base.


The urine will be filtered.

It will be necessary to go to the North Pole so that the food can have sun for 8 hours.

You need a combustion battery next to the base.

Plants or algae will allow breathing

It will take a layer of polyethylene of 20 cm to protect against the sun and meteorites.

Describe a day on the Moon for one of your Moon Camp astronauts

In the morning he will get up, he will have lunch, he will exercise, he will relieve himself so that he can filter his urine to have enough water to live, he will continue to do his experiments, he will go to visit the moon at noon he will eat, he will do sports again, he will go check the plantations and go back to urinate, he will clean up and have dinner.

And go to bed.

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