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Explorers gallery 2022 – Moon Camp Challenge
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Explorers gallery 2022

Moon Camp Explorers Gallery 2021-2022

In Moon Camp Explorers each team’s mission is to 3D design a complete Moon Camp using Tinkercad. They also have to explain how they will use local resources, protect astronauts from the dangerous of space and describe the living and working facilities.


Ellinogermaniki Agogi  Athens    Greece 13   5 / 3
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Project description

Our space base aims at the evolution of man and is capable of accommodating 2 people. We have attached great importance to their protection and their basic assets such as water, oxygen and supplies, then we have shaped their home. There will be beds, kitchen, dining room, greenhouse, doctor’s office and gym. The weights that will be there will be filled with lunar soil to facilitate the launch of the rocket making it lighter. The houses will have a circular shape because the sphere is the strongest 3D shape the pressure is distributed equally along the length of the arc instead of concentrating at any point. We also thought about the idea of the magnetic floor that with the shoes with the magnetic bottom the astronauts will be able to step normally on the ground without floating due to the low gravity of the moonWe will use three 3D printers. The largest will be the one who will build their homes and many of the facilities. The material he will use will be lunar soil and for greater protection polyethylene. When they arrive because the plants have not yet grown to get their fruits we will have a 3D food prinder. Then that the plants will have grown, they will need other foods such as meat, so from the earth they will get that within a few days it will have made many offspring. Rabbits as well as fish that will take chickens can be used as guinea pigs. The third and final 3D prinder will have the ability to reuse the garbage of astronauts. However, the garbage from the plants will be dumped in the anaerobic compost bin, which can then be converted into heating and methane that can be used as fuel for their return. There will also be the observatory where the astronauts will watch and study infinity from there.

Where do you want to build your Moon Camp?
At Shackleton Crater at the South Pole
Why did you choose this location?

Initially we chose this location because it has ice which we can melt with heated drills and turn it into drinking water. Also, this location is illuminated by the sun, which is our main source of energy, which we will use through the solar panels. We will have fuel cells that will essentially store energy from the sun and will be used by astronauts in cases of eclipse observed several times a year. This area is facing the side of the earth so communication with the earth will be better. We will prefer to build their house underground for any explosions from increased sunlight and meteor drop

How do you plan to build your Mooncamp? Which materials will you use?

The material we chose to build the gym, the kitchen, the bathroom, the bedroom, the greenhouse, the room with the guinea pigs and the space of communication with the earth will be the polyethylene that is compressed plastic that can take any shape. It is a very robust material that will ensure maximum protection for astronauts. But for buildings that are secondary such as the observatory along with the experiment room that is in the same place and mainly things like the rovers, the aerobic composting area, the fuel cells and other such will be made of lunar soil and some of them will come from the earth. 

Our base will be built underground to avoid the sun’s radiation. First we will build the basic facilities which are the bedroom, the bathroom, the kitchen and the space with the guinea pigs.   Before the astronauts take off, some robots will have visited the moon that will have been dug and will have shaped the space underground so that when the astronauts come, they will be able to continue their work more easily and more efficiently since they will have at least one bed to sleep in the beginning. With the giant 3D prinder that will be controlled by the server, much of the lunar base will be built. Scientists say that the moon provides some great minerals that with them we can also perfect the plants. The color of the buildings will be the same as that of the moon so that it is not visible in the extraterrestrial forms that can be aggressive to humans


We will build a machine for recycling urine, water already consumed and the water vapor of exhalation of people. The essential function of this machine will be that it will absorb the above functions, will pass them through a filter and will become drinking water. Also with the heated drills we will break the ice and through a filter we will convert it into clean water. For all these there will be a corresponding storage space or pipes through which the water will end up in its various, daily operations.

About food most supplies will come from plants. For this reason, the plants that the astronauts will cultivate will be mainly seaweed, spirulina, tomatoes, cucumbers and generally plants that produce fruit in a short time. But there will also be plants for experiments. We will also have an aquarium with fish that in very small quantities astronauts will be able to cook them, as well as chickens to get the necessary vitamins. In addition, we will have cell culture that the 3D food prinder will be able to convert into meat in case the chickens do not survive during launch.

The main source of energy will be solar energy that through the solar panels we will accumulate and use in various energies of astronauts. Also from the anaerobic composting area we will have heating.

Through electrolysis we will be able to have oxygen. Essentially we heat the regolith (lunar soil) then the evaporation passes through a filter that isolates the oxygen and then we store it in bottles. Also plants through photosynthesis exhale oxygen that again can be exploited by astronauts. However, the exhalation of man contains a very small percentage of oxygen. Even the type of water is hydrogen by oxygen which means that from there too we can isolate some amount of oxygen.

Most of the facilities we have built with polyetholene which is a very powerful material that mainly protects you from everything. There is also the special, small roover that is properly designed to very quickly transport astronauts to a safe place in case a comet falls. This particular rover also has the identification of hairdressers that informs the astronauts how close they are to where they are.

Describe a day on the Moon for one of your Moon Camp astronauts

The hours on the moon are different from the time of the Earth, so the astronauts will have a clock that will go based on the time of the Earth. In their own morning they will wake up and do their morning exercise. They will then check all the functions of their space base and make the necessary corrections whenever needed. A few times a week they will gather at the site of experiments either in the observatory or on the surface of the Moon that will study the rocks of the moon. Later it will be dinner time, when they will go to the greenhouse and the 3D food prinder to get their food and take care of their food sources. In urgent cases they will communicate with the Earth and report on their status and whether they have made any new discoveries. During the day they will explore and supervise electrolysis machines, water recycling, anaerobic composting and robots. If one day there is an eclipse, the astronauts who know it will go the day before to fill the fuel cells with energy. Once a month they will go to melt the ice to make drinking water. During their own evening they will be able to enjoy their favorite series on TV via earth’s satellite, rest and then fall asleep. Αnd whenever they want there is also the pool which not only is cooling (which is very important as it makes them available so their actions will be more effective) for them but also serves in practice for the launch.

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