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Explorers gallery 2022 – Moon Camp Challenge
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Explorers gallery 2022

Moon Camp Explorers Gallery 2021-2022

In Moon Camp Explorers each team’s mission is to 3D design a complete Moon Camp using Tinkercad. They also have to explain how they will use local resources, protect astronauts from the dangerous of space and describe the living and working facilities.

Team: Moon Scientists

Zafer College  Ankara    Turkey 14   6 / 2
External link for 3d
Project description

My Moon camp keeps astronauts safe. Astronauts must do their job safely. In my moon camp astronauts produce their fruits and vegetables. Because they are going to a new atmosphere, they should also enjoy the camp. They should do extraordinary experiments for Earth.

I want to give the best camp with the best conditions and chances. I want astronauts to be comfortable and do their experiments in the best laboratories. They will be fine and their Moon camp will be exciting. And they will accomplish some important experiments for Earth. Enjoy astronauts!
Where do you want to build your Moon Camp?
Close to the lunar equator
Why did you choose this location?

I would like to build my moon camp close to the lunar equator. Because I think it is a convenient place and we can do many things. I also have a solar system so I should choose a hot and sunbeam place. Among the options, I choose the most sunbeam place. We can do many things I said so we can extract water from the craters and for green housing, it is a convenient place.

How do you plan to build your Mooncamp? Which materials will you use?

I want to build my moon camp with strong, resistant and nature-friendly material to give astronauts the best and safest camp. So, I will need many materials that are strong, heat resistant and solid.


My Moon camp will provide astronauts with water from craters. There is a system that pulls the water from craters. We will use that system for the need for water.

Astronauts will take care of plants in the greenhouse so there will be many vegetables and fruits. Of course, they
will bring food from the Earth but also they should produce vegetables and fruits there.

Astronauts can use power from a power source. They will bring the power source that they use on Earth.

Air from air tubes

Protection from a shield. This shield is strong and keeps astronauts safe. In moon camp astronauts are safe and this is very important.

Describe a day on the Moon for one of your Moon Camp astronauts

Astronauts wake up and they start their day the same as other people. They eat something, they brush their teeth and they do some personal care. Then they start researching because they don’t want to waste their time. While one astronaut is doing research, another one should take care of plants in the greenhouse and produce vegetables or fruits. Afterwards, they both pull water from Moon’s craters because they should drink water. Of course, they bring water from Earth but what if it finishes? They shouldn’t take a risk. After completing their tasks, they eat something for lunch. After having a rest for a while, they start doing experiments. After their experiment finishes, astronauts analyse the results and start doing another experiment according to the result they found. Then, astronauts finish their day by having dinner, brushing their teeth and going to sleep.

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