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Moon Camp Pioneers – Timeline – Moon Camp Challenge
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Moon Camp Pioneers – Timeline


09 - 2021

Challenge launch – 15 September

Challenge launch – 15 September</br>
Registration opens on the 15/09/2021
Learn more about the Moon by completing the Moon Camp challenge activities
Create your Fusion 360 account
Develop your 3D design project
Submit your project on the platform

Teacher/educator preparation:
Create a plan of action for your team
Participate in the teacher training modules (dates to be announced)
04 - 2022

Deadline for submissions – 21 April

Deadline for submissions – 21 April</br>
Website closes for submissions on the 21 April 2022.
Judging of the Moon Camp Pioneers submissions begins
06 - 2022

Announcement of the 6 winning projects

Announcement of the 6 winning projects</br>
The best 3 projects of the Moon Camp Pioneers for ESA Members States and Non-ESA Member States will be announced during the month of June
06 - 2022

Winners Webinar

Winners Webinar</br>
The winning teams will take part in a webinar with an ESA Astronaut