Astronaut Logbook: A week in the life of an astronaut with Samantha Cristoforetti

Your Mission: Follow Samantha's routine at the ISS for one week and compare her daily tasks to yours. Observe your everyday routine and keep a record of it.

Day 2: Exercise - How Samantha keeps fit…

Keeping fit and doing daily exercise is very important for astronauts on the ISS.
Check out Samantha’s video of what exercise she did in space today:
Hello this is ESA astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti. I’m onboard the International Space Station and I’ve just completed my work out for today on this very special bike.
As you can see, it does not have a seat.
You cannot walk and you cannot sit, and we don’t need to! We can just hook our feet or our shoes into the pedals and start peddling away!
This is not the only piece of equipment that we have on the ISS, we also have a treadmill!
With it, we can run as though we are on Earth.
We need a special harness to keep us put, otherwise we would float away on the first step.
Fun fact: on the ISS we can also do weightlifting in weightlessness!
It sounds very easy but it’s a pretty good work out, and we have a special machine dedicated to that that really gives us some serious loads to work out.
It’s really important up here to work out every day!
Of course, exercise is important on Earth as well, but up here it’s important because we are weightless all day and so if we didn’t work out, exercise, or put some loads on our body, we would quickly lose muscle mass, strength and also bone density.
So, it’s very, very important, just like for you on Earth.
So, what kind of exercise have you completed on Earth today?

  1. Which exercise equipment was Samantha using in the video? _______________________________________________________________
  2. How many hours does Samantha exercise every day? _______________________________________________________________
  3. What types of exercise equipment exist on the ISS?
    1. _______________________________________________________________
    2. _______________________________________________________________
    3. _______________________________________________________________
  4. Why is it important for astronauts to do exercise? _______________________________________________________________

Day 2: Exercise - How I kept fit today…

Keeping fit and doing daily exercise is very important for astronauts on board the International Space Station (ISS) and on Earth.

Think of all the exercise you do without realising – walking, running or even going up and down stairs. You may also play sports or do activities that require you to exercise like playing football, swimming or even horse riding.

What kind of exercise have you completed on Earth today?
Exercise / ActivityDuration (Minutes)Which part(s) of the body did you exercise?
e.g., I walked to school20My legs and my arms

  1. In total, how many minutes did you exercise today? _______________________________________________________________
  2. What is your favourite exercise activity? _______________________________________________________________
  3. Why is it important to exercise often? _______________________________________________________________
  4. What kind of exercise would you prefer to do in space? _______________________________________________________________
Useful Video: