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Are you a team from Malta and want to participate in the Moon Camp challenge?


Challenge Launch
21 September 2023
Registration opens on the 21/09/2023
Learn more about the Moon by completing the Moon Camp challenge activities
Develop your Moon Camp project
Submit your project on the platform

Teacher / educator preparation:
Create a plan of action for your team
Participate in the teacher training modules (dates to be announced)
Deadline for submissions
25 April 2024
Website closes for submissions on the 25/04/2024
Make sure you submit your projects before the deadline!
May 2024
Certificates of participation will be sent to the students and mentors
All valid projects will be uploaded to the Moon Camp gallery
Final online event
May 2024

Virtual event with an ESA astronaut and space experts, open to all the participants that submitted a valid project

National Organiser

Teams from Malta

More information from your National Organiser

Resources in English

Water on the Moon

Brief description: Since the Moon is as dry as Earth’s driest desert, we’ll have to bring water with us. The...

Robots on the Moon

Brief description: Getting stuff done on the Moon requires more effort than what the first settlers can manage by themselves....

Powering the Moon

Brief description: A lunar day lasts for 14 Earth days, but night can be just as long. Is solar energy...

Paxi on the ISS – Microbes

Brief description:Join Paxi aboard the ISS with astronaut Thomas Pesquet to discover all about microorganisms on Earth and in space.

Local lunar sights

Brief description: Learn more about the local lunar sights! Top tips for an unforgettable Moon adventure include impact craters housing...

Living on the Moon

Brief description: The Apollo Mission proved humans can work on the lunar surface but the longest lunar spacewalk lasted a...

Landing on the Moon

Brief description: A manned spacecraft needs a soft landing, but it’s all in the timing. Fire up your thrusters and...

Future Moon exploration

Brief description: Though it has been fifty years since humans first stepped on the Moon, we haven’t forgotten about Earth’s...

Food on the Moon

Brief description: There are only so many groceries you can bring to the Moon, so how do you produce food...

ESA Lunar Exploration

Create your own journey through this ESA web-documentary to learn the history of lunar exploration. A space to satisfy your...

Destination: Moon

Brief description: This film gives an overview of the past, present, and future of Moon exploration, from the Lunar cataclysm...

Air on the Moon

Brief description: Holding our breath isn’t an option on the Moon, we need sources of oxygen to sustain life. Let’s...