Moon Constitution – How would a future lunar community be organised?

Brief description:

In this resource, pupils will debate some organisational and social characteristics of a future settlement on the Moon and relate it to their local community.

The students will be guided through the activity using a set of debate questions, to which the students can respond with their opinions on whether they agree or not using a smiley or sad card.
Subject: Science, Social Studies
Learning Objectives:

  • Form opinions and justify their viewpoints.
  • Listen to and learn from others.
  • Take part in democratic decision making.
  • Understand the role of different institutions in society.
  • Associate how scientific knowledge and technology can influence social organisation.
    Age range:
    8-12 years old
    Lesson: 45 minutes
    Resource available in:
    Activity 1: Building a community on the Moon
    In this activity, students will debate and research some of the issues that a future settlement on the Moon may face.

    They will then write their own version of the “Moon Constitution”.

  • 1 smiley and 1 sad card per group
  • Debate cards (available in the Annex)
  • Did you know?

    On the Moon, the Sun will be the main source of energy, and it will be extremely important for lunar exploration.

    Solar ovens on the Moon could be used to transform the lunar soil (regolith) into bricks, which could then be used in the construction of infrastructure on the Moon.

    These solar ovens could reach temperatures of over 1000ºC

    A 3D printed brick made from lunar soil in a solar oven