Space Bears – Lab-experience with Tardigrades

Brief description: In this set of experimental activities, students will investigate the survival abilities of tardigrades, also known as water bears. They will expose conditions and come to a conclusion about which environments they can survive in. The aim of this resource is to test tardigrades’ resilience to extreme environmental conditions and link their survival […]

Could life survive in alien environments? – Defining environments suitable for life

Brief description: In this activity, students will consider whether life found in extreme environments on Earth could survive elsewhere in the Solar System. Students will examine the characteristics of different places in the Solar System and then use fact cards of some example extremophiles to hypothesise which they think might be able to survive in […]

AstroCrops – Growing plants for future space missions

Brief description: In this set of activities, students will build an understanding of germination and plant growth by following the development of three unknown plants for 12 weeks. They will conduct measurements and make observations to evaluate their plant’s growth and health. Students will use their observations to make a hypothesis about which species of […]