Landing on the moon – Planning and designing a lunar lander

Brief description: In this set of activities, students will plan, design and build a landing module to secure the survival of the crew (in the form of an egg-naut) landing on the Moon. They will explore which factors should be considered when landing on the Moon, in comparison to landing on Earth. In the design […]

Mission on the Moon – Program a classmate to complete a mission on the Moon

Brief description: This activity will introduce students to logical thinking by planning, testing and executing a simple mission on the Moon. Students will work in pairs and take it in turns to play the roles of “mission controller” and “rover”. One student will give commands to enable the other to navigate blindly across the lunar […]

Water on the Moon – Filtering lunar ice cores to extract water

Brief description: In this resource, pupils will spend a day recording approximately how much water they use for different activities. This is followed by an experimental activity in the classroom, where they will use pre-prepared “lunar ice cores” and filter these to get water. They will use the results of the first and second activity […]